Checklist for hiring a maid company in the UAE

Hiring maids in the UAE is certainly not new. Most housemaids are women and they are saving money for their family in their home countries. When you are so busy, it is like a luxury to many, if there is some helping you in house cleaning, taking care of your children, cooking, keeping your house clean, and if you have visitors you just tell your housemaids to prepare some food or snacks for them. However, it can be so risky when you hiring a maid by yourself, because you lack of information about that particular maid.

You must first check the details of the company if you hiring a maid, whether their companies have the correct certification for their maids. Check if they have ISO certification or if they are registered under Dubai’s Department of Economic Development. Also, check to their website to see if they have many members of staff they have, or how long they have been in operation. And look for their complete address and landline number. In UAE their have lots of maid agencies, and they have different services they offer, ask them what service they have can offer to you, most of them do offer cleaning, dusting, dish-washing, vacuuming, ironing and laundry.

You can have your maids in daily, weekly, or on a monthly basis. Some agencies offer special services, such a party clean up services, or need to have general cleaning. It is so hard for you to leave your family with a stranger into your house, without knowing all the details, and there are lots accidents happen in UAE because of the mistake in hiring a maid by yourself. So to prevent that situation to be happening, you need to hire maid from a professional company, and ask them if they conduct background check of every maids they have, and what kind of screening they have conducted on each potential employee. A stable and professional maid company checks their maids’ backgrounds as they have a reputation to protect.

There has different rates in hiring a maid, usually maids are paid per hour and you are required to call in a maid for a minimum number of hours, and some maid company give charges if they bring their own equipment for cleaning. And the other one is a full time maid, and it being charge differently. Most of the maid from other countries are charge only minimum salaries.

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Another thing to check before hiring a professional maid company in UAE is what guarantees or terms they can offer, because if ever the maid that you hire doesn’t show up the company will immediately send a replacement. If you are satisfied with the service with a part time maid, they can arrange to send the same person over. Try to check also whether the professional maid companies have the insurance for any accident or damage may happen, in a stable maid company you are rest assured that they will have insurance to pay for accidents or any damage.