Full-time house maids vs. Part-time maids

When you are choosing between full-time house maids or a part-time maid, you need to consider first your budget if you are capable to pay. If you hire a full-time house maid you need to pay monthly payments, and that will take away from your other activities, like time with the family, because of your tight budget. And when you hire a part-time house maid, you just pay minimal amounts because they only come into your house for cleaning once or twice a week. Nowadays, some other countries have enforced laws that stipulate if you hire full-time housemaids you must give them a certain level of insurance, such as health insurance, as well as other bonuses.

If you only own a small house, it is much preferable for you to hire a part-time maid, so that you can save money. But if you own a big house, choose a house maid that you can trust, and it is well check by the maid company about her background. Also, make sure you hire a well-trained housemaid, so that you can simply give instruction and information on how you want to do for your cleaning process, and of what areas they are allowed to clean up.

Most areas of a big house or a mansion, are used regularly by the family to enjoy big parties, and other important occasions. So, you need to hire a full-time housemaid, so that they can help you prepare your events and clean up afterwards. And once the party is over, a full-time house maid will help you to do the cleaning. In any house, there are always a rules and regulations, and you need to inform your housemaids about them as it can save lots of time and potential issues.

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If you hire a part-time maid, you need to inform them over again, while if you hire a full-time housemaid, you should only tell them the rules and regulation in your house just once. If you don’t have lots of time to train your housemaid, you it is preferable to hire a full-time housemaid, so that you just only train your full-time housemaid once and trust them to get on with it. And if you sometimes far away from your home place or it is so hard to reach the area, and you hire a part time housemaid it will cost you lots of money for the helper’s transportation, while with a full-time housemaid they can just stay in your house, and will return home only for important matters.

Whether you own a big or small house, if you do some of the cleaning yourself, you just can hire a part time housemaid to do the bigger tasks like laundry, cleaning the garden, and deeper cleaning of your house. Cooking, dusting, washing plates, and more. You can do it by yourself. But if you are to busy in your job, business, or other activity, it is much more preferable for you to hire a full-time housemaid so that you can focus to some important matters. If you hire a part-time or full-time housemaid, you need to fully trust them, and treat them as your friend.