Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies

Look into the cupboard where you keep your cleaning supplies and you are most likely to find some cleaning supplies and products that have not been used. This may be due to a number of reasons. When you have a cleaning service to come and clean your house, they may bring their own supplies and all those useful products that you have sitting on the shelves are never used. If you have a maid in Dubai, then she may not know how to use the products and where to use them. Whatever your reason for having a cluttered cleaning cupboard, it is high time you declutter and clean it. You can do this yourself or you can ask your maid to assist you. There is no point in having a cupboard full of products that oyu will never use.

Decluttering the cleaning cupboard should be pretty easy. Even if you have not done it ever or in a long time, it should not take too much of time and effort to sort it out.

Begin by emptying out the cupboard. Pull out everything you have in there to get a good look at what all you have accumulated. Cleaning cupboards are often crammed full of old brushes, dusters and cleaning pads that should have been thrown away long ago. This is more true of homes which have cleaning services or maids in Dubai cleaning the homes. So, check out the brushes, dusters, and cleaning cloths that you find in the cupboard. Throw away all that look worse for wear or worn out. Replace them with new ones.

Next check the labels and expiry of all the products you have in there. Anything that has been sitting there for a few months and not been used, is obviously not needed. You may give it away or dispose of responsibly. We often buy products that we see being advertised or on discount sales and buy them even it we do not need them. These products can then clutter up the cleaning cupboard. So, think before you buy that new cleaning liquid or miracle grease cutter.

Keep only enough cleaning supplies in the house as you may need for a month. You may want to hoard, but it is not necessary as you are living in Dubai and not in the middle of the desert where you cannot get to the markets very easily. So, buy only what you need for a month.

A good way to organize you cleaning supplies is by keeping them close to the place where they are used. Do not cram in all the cleaning supplies in one cupboard. Your dishwashing soaps, scouring pads, brushes, etc. required for cleaning the dishes can go near your kitchen sink.

Similarly, the laundry supplies should be stored near the washing machine and the toilet cleaning supplies and brushes etc. in the toilet or a designated are in the house. The floor cleaners, brooms and mops should be stored separately. When you keep the supplies close to their place of use, you are less likely to buy extra.

Follow these tips and you are less likely to hoard or clutter up your cleaning supplies.