Questions to ask a cleaning company before hiring

There are some questions you need to be ask before hiring a cleaning company, because you need to know first the complete details of the cleaning company, in order to avoid risk or any misunderstanding with you and the cleaning company. First, you need to ask the cleaning company how long they have been in business. It is not easy to handle a cleaning business company, as you need invest large amount of money, and you need to hire cleaning technicians with positive attitude, and be qualified fit on the position. So, if the cleaning companies are in the business for a long time, they are to be around in the future. All the products and equipment needed for cleaning are in the company, too.

Ask the cleaning company if they have insurance, should any accident or damage happen. A cleaning company without insurance will absolutely be cheaper, but if any damage occurs you will be the one to settle it, instead of the cleaning company without insurance. Ideally, there should be a written policy in place regarding procedures for dealing with damage.

Also, ask the company if their employee or cleaning technicians have good records, without any criminal records. Ask the company check references and they are willing to provide proof. If they will not give all the details you need, so much better you will look for another cleaning company.

You may also need confirmation for this if what does their training program consist of, because some company that are now in business, they are willing to assign work to their cleaning technician without any training experience or very little training. The best companies will have formal, and well documented, on-going training programs, it will helps ensure consistency in quality and reduce the mistake of the staff who does cleaning in your home. Every company has different ideas of what a basic service consists of. Therefore, it is important to know exactly what you are paying for.

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You should ask the cleaning company to show their checklist of what kinds of service they can offer you, and make your own checklist to let the cleaning company of the cleaning processes you require and what you will allow the cleaners to do. A cleaning company has methods on how to measure quality on an ongoing basis. Therefore, ask them if they have perform quality checks, leave behind comment cards, or follow up phone calls, and if they have in charge of quality assurance.

Some clients are unhappy or not satisfied with the service given by the cleaning company, as some may not do a good job or are unavailable the next time you need them. A big cleaning service company should come back immediately, and look any solution to fix the problem, or they are willing to offer you your money back. Find cleaning services companies that will be provide the equipment and supplies, because they are familiar on how to use their own equipment. If you provide the equipment it could lead to the misuse of it and it could cause lots of damage to your property. And of course this could set you back financially. Don’t forget to treat the cleaning technician well, and learn to trust them.